2 Year Aged Soy Sauce


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Traditionally made, using only 4 natural ingredients, this is soy sauce with perfect balance and a rich flavour of umami. Ageing for 2 years in cedar barrels adds depth and character of the highest quality.

The flavour and balance of Kamebishi soy sauce rely on the exact replication of a process 250 years old.

Ingredients:  water, soybeans, wheat, salt.

Allergens underlined

Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate once open.

Available in 200ml & 1 litre

Serving suggestion:

Soy sauce can be enjoyed in classic pairing with fresh wasabi on sushi and sashimi and anywhere you are seasoning with salt and seeking to deliver an umami flavoured depth: grilled meat, tempura, vegetable stews, vinaigrettes and noodles.



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