Konro Grill, Table Barbecue 54 x 23 cm

  • £365.00

Bring the flavour and atmosphere of Japan’s Izakaya bars to your home with the iconic Konro Grill. Designed with Yakitori (Skewers) in mind the narrow shape allows skewers to be suspended over the fire without a grill. The inclusion of a grill means you can cook just about over the flame, pots and pans can also be heated.

Konro Grills are constructed from diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock formed from the accumulation of fossilised silica remains of microscopic algae. The earth is moulded into bricks and kiln fired at 1000ºC. the porous nature of the earth creates highly effective thermal insulation and fire resistance. These properties, combined with the famous Binchotan charcoal, make the Konro Grill a powerful and theatrical way to barbecue.

Measures 54 x 23 x 20cm


Instructions for use:

Cover the base of your Konro grill with ignited Binchotan Charcoal

For more details on igniting and cooling Binchotan charcoal for re-use please see here 

Open and close the air windows to reach desired temperature


Safety Instructions:

Only use barbecue outside

Binchotan charcoal releases minimal smoke but cooking food, oil etc will release carbon monoxide which is lethal in indoor environments 

Base of the grill becomes extremely hot; it must be placed on a fireproof surface

Burning charcoal can release sparks that travel to the area surrounding the grill

Barbeques become very hot, keep out of the reach of children, handle with care, place on a surface that will not burn

Allow grill and barbecue to cool before cleaning

Grill can be washed with dish detergent

Barbecue is made of earth so should not become wet; it can be brushed clean when cool.

Never pour water in the grill, it can crack

Never move grill when hot

Transport carefully as it can crack or break if mishandled

Store in a dry, well ventilated area – avoid damp storage

Small cracks appear in the earth after use as it heats and cools – this is normal, no cause for alarm and does not affect performance