Want To Grill The Japanese Way? Discover Our Authentic Konros

Want To Grill The Japanese Way? Discover Our Authentic Konros

Get your grill on this summer! 

If you’re looking for the most exciting way to BBQ this summer, look no further than our Japanese Konro grills. Made with diatomaceous clay, they have superb heat retention meaning you get incredible, evenly-cooked food in a matter of minutes.

Konro Grills: Explained


Used since the Edo period, Konro (or Shichirin) grills are perfect for home use due to their portability. Use them on any heat-safe floor or tabletop for a theatrical experience that is guaranteed to wow your friends and family.

Available in multiple sizes to suit all group or table sizes, our Konro grills provide a totally authentic Japanese cooking experience in the comfort of your own home. From a neatly sized 31cm Konro which is perfectly suited to couples, up to a whopping 77cm Konro ideal for larger families, these grills give you a true BBQ experience as you watch your food get licked by the flames below.

Which Charcoal Is Best?


Our Binchotan charcoal is exceptional in a Konro; it burns at a low temperature for a long time with very little smoke, meaning the flavour of your food is perfectly preserved. Made using traditional methods from dense hardwood, these briquettes can be reused after being extinguished safely and allowed to dry.

Cooking On A Konro


Due to the narrow width of a Konro, it lends itself to cooking skewers as they can rest on either side of the grill over open flame, or sit on top of a grill gate. If you need some inspiration, why not check out our 5 Konro Grill Ideas? Featuring traditional recipes like Negima Yakitori and some creative ideas such as Yuzu Sesame Prawn skewers.

Something On The Side?

You might need a little something to sauce up your BBQ food, so we’ve collated some of our favourite sauces, marinades and dips to help you on your way to become a Japanese grill master:

Marinade Ingredients


Create marinades with depth, splash in some Kamebishi 2 Year Aged Soy Sauce, a slosh of Marusho's Kumano No Su rice vinegar and a dash of hand squeezed fresh Yuzu Juice from Kito



Add a kick and some smoke to your sauces, try out the citrussy spice of Kito Yuzu Chilli Sauce, turn up the heat with a typical Ra-Yu with its hints of cinnamon, sesame & garlic, then create layers with our own Smoked Soy Sauce.



What's a great barbecue without some inspired dips to bring out the flavours of the grill! Choose from two Tonkatsu sauces, the ever reliable classic Champonzu from Marusho and the very special fresh Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce.

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