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Discover Ponkan Mandarins, also known as the Honey Mandarin! These tasty fruits have been grown in Japan since the 16th century, showcasing centuries of citrus cultivation,

Ponkan are a larger variety of mandarin that have a diameter of 7 to 8 centimeters. These mandarins have a round shape with a flattened base and a distinctive short, protruding, and furrowed neck.

The semi-thick rind, ranging from pale to bright orange, features a smooth to pebbled, bumpy surface with tiny yet prominent oil glands. What sets Ponkan Mandarins apart is their loosely attached rind, sometimes developing a puffy nature, making them incredibly easy to peel by hand.

Beneath the surface is little to no white pith enveloping juicy orange flesh, divided into 9 to 12 segments by thin white membranes. The flesh itself is seedless or contains a few ivory seeds, with a succulent consistency and a hollow centre.

Ponkan mandarins can be peeled and eaten in the same way as other mandarins, or used as a fresh addition to ceviche or stir-fries, or chopped and added to salsas and relishes. The juice and zest can be used to make marmalades and other preserves, or the rind can be dried and candied as a sweet treat.

Whole, unpeeled Ponkan mandarins can be kept at room temperature for a few days or 1 to 2 weeks when stored in the fridge.

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Customer Reviews

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Helen (Winchester, England)
New experience

Thought theses sounded interesting .
Slightly dissapointed with the flavour as thought it wails be stronger . So has a mild satsuma flavour which doesn’t really compare .

Thanks for taking the time to review Helen, sorry they weren't quite what you were expecting - they are quite a distinctive flavour, but as you say, not as strong as a western satsuma :)