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Misty Mountain Junmai Bodaimoto Nigori Sake - 720ml


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Water, rice, koji, yeast

Sweet & sour, zesty with a peppery aftertaste

If you are not familiar with nigorizake then do not be alarmed – the unique characteristic of this type of sake is a cloudy brew. The cloudiness comes from the fact that these sake are unfiltered – or in the case of Misty Mountain, partially filtered – leaving some of the rice lees still in the bottle.

This lends a particularly zesty/lively flavour and a slightly chewy texture. Misty Mountain is also made using the ancient Bodaimoto method, which tends to yield slightly earthier and sourer sake (this is a good thing!).

The combination of all these factors is remarkable: fresh fragrance and a ‘sweet and sour’ flavour with notes of zesty lemon, passion fruit & pepper, a slightly chewy and thick mouthfeel, and a long and peppery aftertaste.

Tsuji Honten - in Katsuyama town, Okayama, Japan - was founded in 1804. Today’s brother & sister team, Soichiro & Maiko Tsuji, are the seventh generation brewers. Tsuji Honten are pioneers of using omachi rice and an ancient, medieval brewing technique: Bodaimoto. This results in sake that is balanced, rich, earthy yet clean tasting with buckets of umami.

Japanese name: Gozenshu Junmai Bodaimoto Usu-nigori Sake Hiire

Suitable for heating, this sake pairs well with blue cheeses and spicy/peppery dishes.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Blue cheese, spicy/peppery dishes


  • ABV: 17.5%
  • Polishing Rate: 65%
  • SMV: -4
  • Acidity Metre: 1.6
  • Amino Metre: 1.3
  • Rice: omachi

Customer Reviews

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Nick F. (Newton Aycliffe, England)

Tokkuri warmed in water heated up to small bubbles and vapour rising, heat turned off and left for 3 minutes. Somewhere between Nuru-kan (body heat) and Shitsu-on (room temperature).

First cup drunk uwazumi (pouring clear sake from the top of the bottle). Floral nose. Cools quickly (cold night in January) to a milky mouth-feel with green notes. Warm aftertaste, not fiery. Second cup, after gently inverting the bottle to mix the sediment - Rice-vinegar nose. Very dry tasting, almost biscuity. Cooling again to milkiness and sweetness with mouth-warming dry aftertaste. Sweet umami, like white miso. Third cup - A slight saltiness develops, warming, tangy. Fourth cup - the 'green' taste is not unlike aloe vera, May blossom and young hawthorn leaves.

A lovely sake, of which not only every cup, but every mouthful, is subtly different. Well worth trying.

Thank you for taking the time to share such great tasting notes with us again Nick. We're really pleased the Misty Mountain hit the spot for you