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Sake Triple Pack Taster Set - Ume, Yuzu, Umeshu


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Pack contains 3 bottles:

Kyoto Umeshu 50ml, abv 10%

Savoury, spicy and long aroma to the nose. The base sake used in this really shines through. Notes of bitter plums, cooked lemon, cooked lime, mushroom, truffle, stewed tomato with bread and yeasty notes mingle on the palate providing complexity. The finish is long and very plummy. This is a very versatile drink. On ice this becomes rounder, fresher and zestier whilst at room temperature it is bold and orange flavoured with hints of cooked lime zest.  Very much a food umeshu. You could pair this with almost anything and not be disappointed.

Shio Ume 50ml, abv 7%

This sake displays lots of plum, salt and savoury flavours. The palate is round and elegant and holds its salinity well with hints of mushroom and umami on the finish. On the rocks this shows more purity with a long and persistent finish offering soft elegant flavours. The ice cuts through the mineral aromas giving a crisp freshness to the drink. As well as an exquisite aperitif this sake can be enjoyed over ice cream and in fruit salads.

Shio Yuzu 50ml, abv 7%

A savoury and crisp nose with hints of lemon and lime and a touch of milk chocolate. The saline from the salt water comes through long on the finish but never overbearing. On the rocks this becomes zesty and fresh with hints of salted caramel. Very pure and precise on the palate with a rich and tangy finish. Beautifully balanced.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A. (Manchester, England)

Gone before we noticed

Yes, sadly the tasters always leave you wanting more but we hope you found something new you liked :)

Pauline R. (London, England)
Deliciously sweet

Sake has been something I have always wanted to try, but I was a bit hesitant as I had read some of the varieties were not sweet. This little set was lovely. A deep sweetness that could be quite addictive even to a ‘rare drinker’ such as myself. I would definitely drink any of these 3 again. The only drawback is they are quite expensive, even buying a single large size bottle.

Wonderful to hear you enjoyed the Sake taster set Pauline and it gave you an opportunity to try some different ones to see which you liked best. There are so many types of sake to explore and whilst we do understand that the specialness of them makes them a treat rather than an everyday experience, a little goes a long way!