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The Ultimate Japanese Cooking Collection


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This collection is designed to deliver the essence of Japanese cuisine to your kitchen. White Soy Sauce enhances almost any dish, providing a distinctive depth of flavour. Marinades, soups, dressings, rubs, dips and sauces all taste better after stirring in the sweet, fermented, umami flavour of white miso. Mirin adds subtle sweetness and tenderises meat. Add in the classics: Sanbaizu, Ponzu, Furikake and Okinawa Sugar and your taste buds will be alive with appreciation.


  • Mikawa Hon Mirin 300ml
  • Shiro Murasaki White Soy Sauce 360ml
  • Sanbaizu 300ml
  • White Miso 500g
  • Wadaman Organic Furikake with Sesame and Sansho Pepper 25g (currently substituting Sesame & Yuzu)
  • Namashibori Yuzu Ponzu 300ml
  • Okinawa Black Sugar 300g

Allergens: Soybeans, Wheat, Fish, Sesame

See what's in the box and learn all about the ingredients with Akemi from Gohan.London