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Binchotan Sticks - 1kg


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100% White Charcoal

Hardwood charcoal made from high quality white oak wood, following traditional Japanese production methods first developed in Wakayama prefecture, during the 7th century.

White Oak Binchotan Charcoal

Binchotan production is a two-stage process, the first stage involves burning the wood in kilns at low temperatures while carefully controlling the oxygen flow. The kiln is then raised to over 1000 C for up to 24 hours in the second stage. This burns off all the impurities and hardens the charcoal.

The result is a very pure charcoal with a high carbon content. This density gives it a longer burn time and higher temperatures than traditional charcoal, with minimal smoke or smell and less flare up during the cooking process.

Traditionally used in Japanese Konro or Shichirin (Hibachi) grills, binchotan can also be used with excellent results in all types of grills that require charcoal.

Binchotan will burn with very little or no smoke at all, carbon monoxide is still produced however, you should not cook with charcoal indoors, in a vehicle or tent. Professional kitchens you see cooking inside with barbecues have highly sophisticated ventilation systems. Burning charcoal can release sparks that travel to the area surrounding the grill with the possibility to cause fire.

Instructions for use of Binchotan:

Due to its density Binchotan can be hard to light, a charcoal chimney is highly recommended as a solution.

  • Start by lighting some standard charcoal in your chimney then when hot, pour out and use this to ignite the Binchotan in the chimney.
  • Move the Binchotan to your grill when red or white hot.
  • Open and close air vents to reach the desired temperature.
  • The density of Binchotan means it will stay at cooking temperature for several hours, it can also be extinguished and reused.  
  • Charcoal can be plunged in water when you are finished and once fully dried, it will light again.
  • Remove the charcoal from your barbecue, do not pour water into the barbecue.
  • It can also be extinguished in an airtight pot of ceramic or steel. 

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