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Japanese Barbecue Skewer & Sauce Set


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Dial up the flavours on your barbecuing with four fantastically flavourful sauces and marinades.

Yakiniku is a delicious mix of savoury and sweet with a powerful sesame flavour, typically used to season grilled meats in Japanese cuisine.

Tonkatsu is a an artisanal organic sauce with a creamy texture and taste between ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.

Kito Yuzu Chilli is a Tabasco-like spicy seasoning made with Kito Yuzu juice and chilli peppers, giving plenty of chilli heat with the wonderful zesty aroma and complex citrus flavours of yuzu.

Spicy Ra-Yu Pepper Sauce is complex chili sauce with a blend of soy, chilli pepper, sweet pepper, garlic, white sesame, cinnamon and shikwasa citrus zest, a full bodied sauce with limitless versatility.

A box of 250 bamboo Teppo Gushi skewers completes the set so you can enjoy these sauces in countless different ways.


  • Yakiniku Barbecue Sauce - 300ml
  • Organic Tonkatsu Sauce - 175ml
  • Kito Yuzu Chilli Sauce - 65g
  • Spicy Ra-Yu Pepper Sauce - 200g
  • Teppo Gushi, Bamboo Skewers (15cm) - 250 units
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