Edamame Bean Plants x 3

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3 x Edamame Bean Plants

Edamame is a Japanese classic, and in the right conditions it is easy to grow. They are best planted in rows approximately 10cm apart and will grow up to a meter tall. Well-draining, compost enriched soil will give best results and full sun is preferred. Keep well-watered and by mid to late summer you will be harvesting plump pods approximately 6 to 8cm long.  Known to be rich in antioxidants they are high in protein and iron. 

Once boiled, season with chilli flakes or furikake and serve in their pods. The whole pod is placed in the mouth and the succulent peas squeezed out for the flavour to mingle with the dressing on the pods. Pods are then discarded. This traditional starter or snack would go perfectly with shishito peppers – now available here