The Wasabi Company & Sozai Cooking School Presents A Tokyo Olympics 'Cook Along' Special

The Wasabi Company & Sozai Cooking School Presents...
...A Tokyo Olympics 'Cook Along' Special

Sexy Salads and Healthy Japanese Inspired Dressings

29 July at 6.30pm


We all want to eat healthy food but there's nothing like watching the world’s top athletes to really inspire us to make the change!

It's easy making the decision to stock up on fresh veggies and good protein but creating simple, tasty dishes that become regular meals can be tougher going.

Enter Akemi from Sozai Cooking School and The Wasabi Company! Together we will propel you to nutritional heaven with incredibly easy salad and veg dishes you will want to keep making, long after the last Olympic race has been run.

Akemi is a chef and fermentation expert in authentic Japanese cuisine with a vast knowledge of traditional Japanese condiments.

Our own range of Wasabi Company condiments and sauces have been designed to deliver intense and extraordinary flavours whilst being incredibly easy to use. Our Japanese ingredients, favoured by hundreds of top chefs, are made by artisans using traditional techniques with minimal processing and maximum fermentation. The ingredients are not only packed with flavour but also hold on to their nutritional benefits. All these factors make them ideal for making your salads and dressings uber healthy, as well as delicious.

Akemi is a chef and fermentation expert in authentic Japanese cuisine with a vast knowledge of traditional Japanese condiments.

Akemi will show us how to combine healthy and nutritious Japanese vinegars, miso, soy, sesame and more to make effortless, yet insanely tasty dressings.

On the menu:

  • Baked aubergine and figs with black sesame paste and genmai black rice vinegar

  • Spicy shredded chicken and quick pickled cucumber with white sesame paste, ginger ponzu

  • Prawn, water cress and avocado salad with wasabi mayonnaise and yuzu juice

Together we will 'cook along' with Akemi to make these 3 delicious, healthy salads and veggie dishes. They're so easy you'll be able to make them time and time again and the dressings you'll be able to use with other dishes and salads forever more.

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During the event, we will make these dishes, which can be prepared as starters, or as complete meals. Vegan options will be also be provided.