Small Rhizomes 200g

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200g of smaller rhizomes in sizes from 20-49g. Same flavour, same heat, just a smaller size and a smaller price! Perfect for entertaining with over 20 servings of fresh wasabi..

Bloody Mary

Try something different from the traditional bloody Mary by seasoning with Black garlic salt, Tashibori yuzu, and White soy sauce.  Finish with Wasabi leaf and fresh-grated Wasabi for a modern twist on a classic with great depth of flavour. 

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Japanese Sharing Platter​

Tempura wasabi leaf, grilled prawns, and sliced ribeye steak, served with wasabi mayonnaise, three year old soy sauce, and Champonzu Sauce for dipping.  Use a combination of fresh wasabi and wasabi oil to give the mayonnaise a good kick.

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Watercress and Pea Soup with Wasabi Foam

Simmer rice wine vinegar with lemongrass and coriander, then cool and add egg white and plenty of freshly grated wasabi.  Blitz with a stick blender to create a foam then serve immediately.  Perfect for topping a soup or adding a touch of class to a variety of dishes.

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