English Wasabi Baby Leaf - 30g

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Fresh, young leaves from our English grown wasabi that carry a mild, peppery wasabi flavour with just a little pungency. Wasabi baby leaves make a distinctive and original garnish, add fantastic flavour to a salad and work very well fried in tempura batter.


20-30 leaves per punnet

Leaves are 3-7cm diameter

Stores well in the fridge for 5 days.



Bloody Mary

Try something different from the traditional bloody Mary by seasoning with Black garlic salt, Tashibori yuzu, and White soy sauce.  Finish with Wasabi leaf and fresh-grated Wasabi for a modern twist on a classic with great depth of flavour. 

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Avocado and Tuna Salad with White Soy and Mirin Dressing

Toss together watercress and sliced wasabi leaf with diced avocado and good quality tuna to create this simple yet elegant salad.  Whisk together one part white soy sauce, one part mirin, and two parts gold sesame oil to create a light and well-balanced dressing.

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