Wasabi Leaves & Stem
  • £8.00

Wasabi leaves are large, heart shaped and have a wasabi flavour with a mild wasabi heat. Thinly sliced and dressed with one of our Japanese ponzus they make for a rich, bold, citrus dressed salad. Or combine with one of our sesame oils for a more delicate dressing. Very popular in Japan fried in tempura batter leaves are also excellent stir fried, sautéed or boiled with noodles and stews.

Traditionally pickled in sake lees, stems have an excellent crunch with a radish and spring onion flavour when raw. They work well in stews and casseroles and make an excellent stirrer for a wasabi Bloody Mary!

Leaves are sent in 250g bunches with stems attached.

Each bunch has 20-40 stems with leaves.

Stores well in the fridge for 7 days.