Fresh Wasabi Pro & Grow Kit

  • £37.00

Professional fresh wasabi & wasabi plant grow kit contains: 100g fresh wasabi, medium wasabi grater, bamboo wasabi grater brush, wasabi preparation and storage guide, one wasabi plant and growing guide.

One of our most popular gift packs that includes a generous amount of fresh wasabi, grating kit and a wasabi plant that can be grown in the garden or in a pot. Plants also make great houseplants and leaves, leaf stems and flowers can all be eaten while the precious rhizomes are forming at the base of the plant. Comes with a fresh wasabi preparation and storage guide and a full growing guide that details how to plant, raise and harvest your wasabi. 

The 100g of wasabi may be a single rhizome or two smaller rhizomes selected to match or exceed the 100g.

Fresh wasabi is classically paired with sushi and sashimi. Versatile in the extreme fresh wasabi can also flavour dressings, butters, sauces, ceviches, gravadlax, sorbets, foams and freshly grated will accompany meat or fish.

A wasabi grater is essential for breaking wasabi down at the cellular level to bring together compounds that are held in different parts of the cell. The enzyme reaction that results is responsibile for both flavour and pungency, this will peak after 5-7 mins, hold for 15 mins then slowly reduce. For this reason wasabi is served at the table and grated little and often. A wasabi grater brush will help you mix the wasabi and gather all of the valuable paste from the grater.

The memory of the first taste of fresh wasabi stays forever making this a truly original gift for the foodie in your life. 

Fresh wasabi should be stored in the fridge – see details here

Stores well in the fridge for 14 days.




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