• Your Home Izakaya by Tim Anderson

Your Home Izakaya by Tim Anderson

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***NEW*** Tim Anderson's latest book explores one of his favourite genres of Japanese food - isakaya. Izakaya are Japanese bars that serve food specifically to have with drinks. In fact, they began as sake stores that started selling snacks in order to keep customers there. Izakaya food varies widely, and can encompass a very big range of Japanese and also international cuisines, but it tends towards strongly-flavoured dishes. Basically, if it’s fun and tastes good with beer or sake, it’s fair game!

We are very excited to be able to offer you a taster of one of the recipes from the book, simply click here to see how to make Tim's Aubergine-Wrapped Gyoza of Pork and Prawn.

We recently had the chance to ask Tim a few questions, see what he has to say about his new book and Japanese barbecuing here.



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