Aka Dashi, Red Miso

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Aimed at connoisseurs this is rich, full-bodied miso for soups, stocks, sauces, marinades and consommé that require a strong umami flavour. Particularly suited for game and red meat.

100g, 500g

This staple of Japanese cuisine is a paste produced by the carefully controlled fermentation of soya beans using koji mould. Rice and different grains are added to create variations that are most commonly labelled by colour or the name of the grain used. In the two ranges we carry flavours run from delicate to bold, generally speaking the dark the colour the richer the umami flavour. Classically used with dashi stock to create miso soup miso is also used to marinate meat, fish and vegetables and for glazes, dips and dressings.

Our premium range of miso comes from the master craftsmen at Kantoya in Kyoto, who have been producing exceptional miso since 1847. The koji mould used is 100% rice based and all the water added during production is drawn from a well 60m below the Hira mountains. Widely respected as some of the the best miso in Japan for its traditional character and classic umami flavour.

Ingredients: Barley and soy miso (soy, roasted barley flour, salt), rice miso (rice, soya beans, salt)

Storage: refrigerate before and after opening



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