Fresh Yuzu Juice 200ml

  • £13.95

Hand squeezed, fresh yuzu juice from Japan. No other ingredients mean this is 100% fresh yuzu juice. Nicknamed the king of citrus, yuzu is famously zesty with a floral flavour that tastes like a mandarin crossed with a grapefruit. The powerful, aromatic zing delivered by just a drop or two means this juice packs a big punch in salad dresssings, vinaigrettes and sauces. Particularly good with fish it also makes an excellent marinade for chicken and will hold its flavour even when barbecued.

Ingredients: yuzu juice.

Refrigerate, once open use within 3 months.

Yuzu will deliver a surprising and original citrus flavour to any cream dishes or cakes that suit lemon; cheesecakes, ice cream and sorbet all work very well. A dash in a G&T or any cocktail makes a hugely popular change and yuzu sours, margueritas and mojitos all come highly recommended!