Hon Mirin 700ml

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A premium quality mirin derived from the patient combination of rigorously selected sticky natural rice, koji and shochu spirit, Sumiya mirin delivers a natural and well balanced flavour.

Mirin manufacturers usually add sugar during the rice and koji fermentation process with additional cane sugar alcohol to speed up the maturation. Here, nothing is added, the production process is slower and the resulting flavours are natural and pure.

Sumiya-Bunjiro Shoten award winning mirin has been traditionally produced since 1911 and continues to be made with 100% natural ingredients and minimum fermentation time of one year ensuring it delivers authentic strength with no short cuts.

Mirin is used to provide a subtle sweetness to both sweet and savoury dishes, it is the base for many sauces and dressings including teriyaki sauce where it is mixed with soy sauce. Mirin will also tenderise meat and reduce strong aromas of seafood.

Volume of pure alcohol 14%


Ingredients: sticky rice, kôji-rice, shôchû distilled rice spirit (vol. 43%)

Storage : Keep away from direct sunlight, recommended to use within 3 months of opening for best results

Voulme of pure alcohol 14%