Kombu Seaweed 85g

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Kombu (kelp) from Rishiri Island of Hokkaïdo, is known as the best kombu in Japan. Integral to Japanese cuisine dashi stock is the starting point for many dishes including miso soup.

Ingredients: Rishiri Kombu Seaweed from Hokkaido (Laminaria Ochotensis) 100%

Store in a cool, dark place. 


Add 50g of kombu per 0.5L of water. Simmer for 10 mins without allowing the dashi to reach boiling point, 85ªC is the ideal temperature. Once complete stand aside and allow the flavour to infuse into the water for at least a further 10 mins. The kombu can then be removed and the dashi is ready to use. The kombu can be re-used several times until you notice the flavour diminish.

For a stronger kombu dashi let the kombu sit in a pan of cold water for up to 12 hours before beginning the process above.

For miso soup:

Add the miso to taste once the dashi has been made and return to a light simmer. Then add any of : tofu, noodles, chicken, pork and garnish with thickly sliced spring onion, radish, chilli or whatever takes your fancy!