Nori Seaweed Angels Hair Cut 30g

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Nori seaweed from Tôshi island is particularly famous for its delicate flavour derived from the quality and purity of the sea water in which it grows. The rich taste is explained by the fact that it is harvested during the coldest part of the winter and only the darkest seaweed is selected.

Once the nori are delicately roasted, they are finely shredded into angel’s hair. This is a premium product in Japan, used to decorate dishes and to give them a delicate fragrance. Add a pinch to sashimi and seafood (tuna, salmon, sea urchins, cuttlefish, salmon roe), mixed salads, rice and carpaccios..

This product is only used in cold dishes as the delicately cut seaweed will detiorate quickly with heat.

Ingredients: 100% nori (porphyra yezoensis) from Tôshi island

Storage after opening: keep refrigerated