Black Yuzu Kosho 50g

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Fresh yuzu peel blended with fresh chilles and bamboo charcoal.

A black paste pungent with aromatic yuzu, powerful chill heat and coloured by the mineral rich bamboo charcoal that delivers a rich, earthy flavour.

Bamboo charcoal has been used in China and Japan for centuries in medicine and to purify water.

Kosho can be served on the side of the plate with almost anything and this black version makes an excellent topping to canapés.

Fresh chilli pepper, fresh yusu peel, salt, bamboo charcoal

Protect from direct sunlight, refrigerate once open.

Hot-Smoked Salmon and Mooli Canapes with Kosho and Seaweed

Thinly sliced Chinese radish filled with a hot-smoked salmon and crème fraîche mixture along with mixed seaweed soaked in Sushizu sushi vinegar. Topped with just a taste of green, red, and black Kosho paste for a zingy and refreshing heat that complements the richness of the filling perfectly.

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