Wa Panko Breadcrumbs with Soy


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Healthy (gluten, shortening and additive free) breadcrumbs made from soy pulp and Japanese rice developed by Ueman Japan.

Soy pulp is a by-product of tofu and soymilk production. It is extremely high in dietary fibre, this panko contains four times the fibre of the standard wheat breadcrumbs sold by the same producer.  Rice flour’s oil absorption is 40% less than the wheat flour therefore it reduces the oil intake substantially.

Wa-Panko Soy Mix creates very similar crispy texture as wheat breadcrumbs, but the crispiness is maintained even long after cooking, making it ideal for take away restaurants and freezing.

Use Wa-Panko Soy Mix instead of wheat breadcrumbs in deep fried food like cutlets and croquettes, and for oven baked dishes such as gratin. They are also added to hamburgers, dumplings and meatballs to improve the texture.

Ueman Japan is a family business established in 1928 in Hiroshima, Japan, as a flour manufacturer.