Namashibori Daidai Ponzu / Fresh Daidai Citrus Ponzu Sauce 300ml
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Traditional ponzu made with fresh daidai juice & seasoned with natural ingredients. 300ml

Serve with sushi & sashimi. Use in dressings, vinaigrettes & marinades. 

Ingredients: Daidai (citrus) juice, honjozo shoyu (soy sauce, including soya beans and wheat), kombu seaweed, dried bonito (fish) flakes, amazake, hon mirin, fermented seasoning (rice), schimi (Japanese spice mixture).

Allergens underlined.

Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate once open.




Wasabi Label Sudachi Kombu Ponzu 300ml

Wasabi Label Sudachi Kombu Ponzu 300ml

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