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Gold Sesame Oil


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Gold sesame oil has the strongest flavour of the Wadaman sesame oils and yet is still finely balanced. It is more expensive due to the small global production of organic gold sesame seeds but the bold, aromatic flavour means it can be used sparingly to powerful effect.

Sesame oil is used in dressings and vinaigrette's, meat marinades, fish, tofu, sushi & sashimi. Used sparingly the best quality oils enhance flavour without overpowering.  Just a light drizzle, added after cooking and just before serving will greatly enhance freshly steamed or fried vegetables. 

Wadaman sesame oils are crafted with the lightest possible pressing. 5 litres of seeds are required to create 1 litre of oil and all oil is derived from the very first pressing. The expert roasting of the seeds using high, then low, then high temperatures ensures the seeds are roasted to the very centre.  This roasting technique has been overseen by fourth generation master roaster Etsuji Wada for the last 45 years. The reward for this lifetime of dedication is seeds of exquisite flavour with a plump seed that is perfectly primed for pressing. 

90g, 270g, 450g

Ingredients: oil of organic gold sesame seeds

Allergens underlined.

Store in a cool, dark place. Do not decant or refrigerate.



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