Gold Sesame Paste


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The paste of gold sesame seeds has the most powerful flavour and aroma of all the pastes. If a strong, rich sesame flavour is what you are seeking then this is the paste to choose. Combine a small amount with ponzu or soy sauce to dress vegetables and salads. Add a spoonful to the bottom of a single serving bowl and cover with ice cream and top with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Sesame oil naturally separates from the paste, upon opening jars mix well with a spoon, rub larger packs until contents mix.

Creating smooth, richly flavoured sesame paste is a craft Wadaman take as seriously as every other aspect of their production.  Meticulously cleaned and expertly roasted sesame seeds are milled at low speed and low temperature using a ceramic millstone. The seeds pass through the mill four of five times, until the correct oil content is achieved, creating a texture that is smooth and creamy with a rich flavour and intense aroma. 

Ingredients: paste of organic gold sesame seeds

Allergens underlined.

Protect from light and heat. Keep in its original bottle. Do not refrigerate.