White Sesame Paste


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Characterised by the sweetness of its aroma and flavour white sesame paste enhances dishes without overpowering. The most versatile of the paste it can be used in fish and vegetable dishes as well as pastry and cream desserts.

Sesame oil naturally separates from the paste, upon opening jars mix well with a spoon, rub larger packs until contents mix.

Creating smooth, richly favoured sesame paste is a craft Wadaman take as seriously as every other aspect of their production.  Meticulously cleaned and expertly roasted sesame seeds are milled at low speed and low temperature using a ceramic millstone. The seeds pass through the mill four of five times, until the correct oil content is achieved, creating a texture that is smooth and creamy with a rich flavour and intense aroma. 

Ingredients: paste of organic white sesame seeds

Allergens underlined

Store in a cool, dark place. Do not decant or refrigerate.



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