Soba Noodles - 3 x 150g

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These premium grade soba noodles are made from native Japanese buckwheat by a company with traditional roots dating back 130 years. Preserving the native plant and the traditional techniques employed in manufacture ensures these noodles are amongst the best in Japan. The buckwheat plant is not related to wheat and has more in common with a grass. The flour is a dark colour due to the husk of the seed which is dark brown.

450g (3 x 150g)

Ingredients: buckwheat flour, wheat flour, Japanese yam, wheat protein, salt.

Allergens underlined.

Store at room temperature.


Directions: Cook in a large volume of water for 6-7 minutes. Enjoy them with one of ponzu sauce at room temperature or in a broth. The traditional topping of fresh wasabi completes this simple but elegant and satisfying dish.