Sudachi Kombu Ponzu / Ponzu Sauce with Sudachi and Kombu Seaweed


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Traditionally made using fresh sudachi (Japanese citrus) juice & rich kombu seaweed soup stock. 

Sudachi-Kombu-Ponzu is excellent ponzu sauce made with fresh sudachi (Japanese citrus) juice & rich kombu seaweed soup stock. This is ready to use direct onto salads or serveed with sushi & sashimi. A light orignal citrus flavour backed by a rich stock for adding depth of flavour to your own dressings, sauces & marinades.

Ingredients: Sudachi (citrus) juice, kombu seaweed, hon mirin, amazake, honjozo shoyu (soy sauce including soya bean and wheat).

Allergens underlined

Store in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate once open.
  • Marusho ponzu sauces are created with generous amounts of up to five different fresh citrus juices. Authentic and high quality ingredients including shiitake mushroom, bonito soup stock, kombu seaweed, honjozo shoyu (soy sauce) and hon mirin (Japanese sweet cooking sake) provide the distinctive umami flavour. Classically used to dress sashimi and marinate fish and vegetables these sauces also make excellent salad dressings and bases for fish and meat dishes. They combine a citrus punch with a delicate sweetness and rich depth of flavour.



Wasabi Label Sudachi Kombu Ponzu 300ml

Wasabi Label Sudachi Kombu Ponzu 300ml

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