Sanbaizu / Bonito Rice vinegar


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High quality pure rice vinegar flavoured with fresh bonito soup stock and soy sauce. Ideally suited for marinating vegetables. 

Sanbaizu is high quality vinegar mixed with fresh bonito soup stock and pure rice vinegar, honjozo shoyu (soy), amazake, hon mirin and kombu seaweed.

Ingredients: Rice vinegar, honjozo shoyu (soy sauce: soya beans & wheat), amazake, natural flavours: bonito fish flakes & kombu seaweed, sugar, hon mirin, salted mirin.

Refrigerate once open and use within 3 months.

Skilled craftsman Keiji Kosaka relies on three generations of family experience to create Marusho fermented and flavoured vinegars using the same techniques that were employed 200 years ago. Fermented for up to 500 days in the original Japanese cedar wood casks the vinegars are enhanced with rice grown on the family estate, water from the Kumano Mountains and only the highest quality natural ingredients. Renowned for their quality and consistency these vinegars are used by master sushi chefs and home cooks alike to deliver the authentic and sophisticated flavour of traditional Japanese cuisine.