White Sesame Seeds

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The delicate and sweet flavour means these are often used on sashimi and sushi to lend flavour without over-powering. Also combines well with cooked fish, salads and ramen.

Wadaman sesame, based in Osaka, have been sourcing the best quality sesame seeds for over 130 years. These seeds are graded and cleaned during a 6 step process to ensure only the best quality seeds remain. Expertly roasted over a further three steps involves minute adjustments to temperature and time, ensuring the seeds are roasted to the very centre.  This roasting technique has been overseen by fourth generation master roaster Etsuji Wada for the last 45 years. The reward for this lifetime of dedication is seeds of exquisite flavour and plump texture. 


Ingredients: Organic white sesame seeds

Allergens underlined.

Refrigerate once open.