Yuzu Confiture 210g
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The unique and moreish flavour of fresh yuzu is often likened to mandarin and grapefruit. This jam bottles the aroma and flavour with perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. Use as jam, in desserts or in sauces with duck or pork.


Ingredients: yuzu fruit (Citrus junos) 54%, sugar

Storage: Store in cool dark place. Refrigerate after opening.

Yuzu confiture with shop bought fig and walnut rye and plenty of butter. Quick and easy for a bit of Sunday morning luxury. Goes really well with cream coffee

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Yuzu meringue tartlets with Breton biscuit

The Yuzu really cuts through the sweet meringue, and the Breton biscuits give it texture. The confiture could be swapped with fresh Yuzu juice and sugar. Afternoon tea or sweet course. Takes half an hour to make, recipe for about 6 tartlets.

Ingredients :

Yuzu curd - 3/4 pot Yuzu confiture, 1 egg yolk, 1 whole egg, a few nobs of butter

Breton biscuit - 100g flour, 75g sugar, 75g butter, 2 egg yolk, 2 tsp baking powder, optional yuzu fine shaved peel ( use lemon or grapefruit if not )

Meringue - 2 / 3 egg whites, 75g sugar, 1 grind black pepper, 1 grind of salt


Make the curd - tip 3/4 pot of confiture in a pan, add the eggs, cook gently until the mixture starts to thicken. Stir very often with whisk, don’t heat harshly or the eggs will curdle. Do not leave pan - this is not a read the paper whilst you’re doing it thing. When its thick and opaque you’re done. Stick the small nobs of butter on to prevent skin forming. Cool and put in fridge if you want it really thick and sticky before putting on biscuits.

Make the biscuits - sift flour and baking powder together, beat eggs and sugar together until pale yellow, mix all ingredients into look dough. I prefer to spread mine flat - about a cm thick. During baking it will move about anyway. Cook for 15 mins at approx 170 degrees centigrade. Cool and use cutter to your desired shape.

Meringue - Whisk the egg whites until they form peaks. Heat the sugar with 40ml of water in a pan until its boiling ( 115 deg c with a probe ), then pour over egg whites whilst the mixer is still on. Whisk further and grind in salt and pepper. After a minute or so it should be done. Pipe over the ready made biscuit and curd. Stick under a grill to brown or use a blow torch.

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