• Ma Kombu 25g
Ma Kombu 25g
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Ma Kombu (Laminaria Saccharina japonica) from Hokkaido is the most popular kombu for producing high quality dashi stock. Possessing broad, thick leaves it has a refined sweetness and produces clear stocks and broths.

Rehydrate by soaking in water for two or more hours, even overnight, and then use the water as base for stock. Alternatively add to water and warm to a point below boiling (80ºC is optimal) for 10-20 mins. The stock is now ready to use or you can set aside, away from the heat, to infuse for a further 10 - 20mins for increased flavour.

Use the dashi stock for miso soup, ramen, fish stews, boiling vegetables, rice dishes and anywhere else stock is required. For a full flavoured dashi stock add katsuobushi

Ingredients: 100% kombu (Laminaria Saccharina Japonica)

Store in a cool, dark place.