Wasabi for manufacturers


Our wasabi is sold in several formats specifically made for manufacturers looking to add the unique power and punch of wasabi to a sauce, mayonnaise, chutney, salad, stir fry, cheese - even a sausage! Wasabi has a versatile flavour that can bring depth, sweetness and sinus tingling heat.

Although traditionally paired with sushi and sashimi, in recent years wasabi has been used more and more in European kitchens and is currently on the menu of some of the finest restaurants in the world. This and the rise of Japanese cuisine in Europe has helped wasabi become a popular ingredient and flavour used in wide range of products from crisps and nuts to ice creams and sorbets.



Fresh, processing grade wasabi rhizomes

Perfect in every way apart from presentational. Processing grade rhizomes have all of the heat and all of the flavour of fresh wasabi. Available with low MOQ and delivered worldwide. These can be grated by hand or using mechanical blenders with fine grating discs to be added to butter, cheese, mayonnaise, sauces and dips.


Frozen, grated wasabi rhizomes

Fresh wasabi rhizomes grated to a fine paste and then fast frozen to seal flavour and heat into easy to use 200g vacuum packed bags.


Frozen wasabi puree

Blended wasabi rhizome and leaf stem in proportions to match your requirements for flavour and cost. Professionally pureed, blended, packed and frozen by fully accreditited specialists in 8kg pails. MOQ varies depending on blend and availability within a range of 8kg – 56kg.


Wasabi powder

High quality freezed dried powders of rhizomes, leaves and leaf stems can be created to order by our partners who are fully accredited and long experienced in working with wasabi. These products are made to order although samples are often available.


Wasabi stems

Wasabi stems, or petioles, are available as a fresh product. These can be chopped into chutneys, casseroles and salads to give a mild wasabi flavour and plenty of crunch. They are also used to flavour stews and soups.


Wasabi stems and leaves

Sold in bunches with stems and leaves attached. Stems can be used as above, leaves have a fresh wasabi flavour with some heat and a dark green colour. Suitable for when the full punch of the rhizomes is not required. Chopped into salads and stir fries and used to flavour and colour cheese, mayonnaise, dips and sauces.


Wasabi leaves

Available both fresh and frozen for stir fries or soups.



Please email sales@thewasabicompany.co.uk for further details and prices based on volume required.