Matcha Tea Set

  • £43.00

Bring a little of the ceremonial reverence of Japanese tea making tea to your home.  This matcha tea set provides you with everything you need to create this unique and uplifting tea at home. 

The set includes: 

Bamboo whisk, or Chasen, with 80 strands for mixing and frothing your tea 

Chashaku, a fine, long handled bamboo spatula

Ceramic whisk holder

Chawan, ceramic bowl for whisking and serving your matcha tea 

(Bamboo whisk & ladle are not recommend for dishwasher cleaning)

Preparing matcha tea:

Add to 2-4 spatulas (equal to 2-4g) to the bowl

Pour 70-100ml pure water heated to 70-80ºC

Whisk the tea until it thickens and a creamy foam appears