Fresh Wasabi Starter Kit, Plant & Condiment set

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Based on our most popular gift pack, the Pro & Grow, we are pleased to bring you the Plus option – plus means jars of our award-winning Wasabi Mustard and Wasabi Mayonnaise to give you the option to add your favourite wasabi flavour to even more dishes. From salmon to beef, potatoes to cheese, marinades, dressings and sauces, with the Fresh Wasabi Pro & Grow Plus you've got it all covered!  While your new plant is sending out roots and preparing to grow over the coming months, you have the chance to harvest leaves and flowers before all your patience and care pays off with the harvest of the precious rhizome.

Fresh wasabi is classically paired with sushi and sashimi. Versatile in the extreme fresh wasabi can also flavour dressings, butter, sauces, ceviches, gravadlax, sorbets, foams and freshly grated will accompany meat or fish.

A wasabi grater is essential for breaking wasabi down at the cellular level to bring together compounds that are held in different parts of the cell. The enzyme reaction that results is responsible for both flavour and pungency, this will peak after 5-7 mins, hold for 15 mins then slowly reduce. For this reason, wasabi is served at the table and grated little and often. A wasabi grater brush will help you mix the wasabi and gather all of the valuable paste from the grater.

The memory of the first taste of fresh wasabi stays forever making this a truly original gift for the foodie in your life. 

Fresh wasabi stores well in the fridge for 14 days, see more details HERE

This set contains:

50g Fresh Wasabi Rhizome

Small Stainless Steel Wasabi Grater

Bamboo Wasabi Brush

Wasabi Plant

A jar of Wasabi Mustard 175g

A jar of Wasabi Mayonnaise 175g

Wasabi Growing Guide

Wasabi Preparation Guide

Wasabi Mustard:

Ingredients: Vinegar, water, mustard (20%) (oriental mustard powder, mustard bran), sugar, fresh wasabi (5%), fresh horseradish, salt, turmeric. [Allergens underlined]

Wasabi Mayonnaise:

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, pasteurised free-range egg yolk (10%), fresh wasabi (5%), vinegar, fresh horseradish, oriental mustard powder, salt, sugar. [Allergens underlined.]

Free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. May contain small lumps of grated wasabi.



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