Red Shiso Rice Vinegar 180ml

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Traditional rice vinegar infused with shiso leaves and candied sugar under the watchful eye of master vinegar maker Nakano San at Tobaya Suten, est, 1710. The unique and aromatic flavour of shiso is balanced by the sugar to deliver expressive notes of red fruits, basil, cherry and hibiscus. Tannins from the leaves give these vinegar a wonderfully pink colour when first made though this will mellow to ruby brown over time. 

Pairs perfect with daikon, turnips and white cabbage; use in vinaigrettes, to season sushi rice, with fresh oysters and seaweed salad. The fruity, sweetness also works with sorbet, ice cream (almond, cherry, vanilla, fromage blanc),  fresh fruit salad or to liven up a cheese cake.

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