• Morning Dew - Junmai 720ml

Morning Dew - Junmai 720ml

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Red berries, dry with a peppery finish

This delightful sake starts with a splendid nose of berries, apples, pears and honey. Crisp liquid slips delicately onto the tongue delivering a light and dry impact with similar flavours of berries and honey and a delightfully peppery finish that tingles on the tongue.

Morning Dew responds well to warming. It has a great sweet spot at the 40-45°C range where dryness mellows and the delightful flavours are maximised. When served cold, dryness increases which leads to a more muted berry flavour and fragrance as well as a shorter finish.

This is a great sake to drink with sushi, especially when heated to the warmer temperature. When cold it works well with lemon tart and creamy cheeses.

Founded in 1771, Michisakari brewery is located in Tajima, Gifu, an area known for its mild winters. The focus is on exceptionally dry, clear tasting sake and is considered the best in the dry sake field.

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Japanese name: Michisakari Junmai

Ingredients: water, rice, koji, yeast


Creamy citrus (lemon tart), fatty sushi. Cuts through oils

  • ABV:15%
  • Polishing Rate:45%
  • SMV:+12
  • Acidity Metre:1.4
  • Amino Metre:0.9
  • Rice: yamadanishiki


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