• Umeshu - Plum Sake 720ml

Umeshu - Plum Sake 720ml

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Tart, fresh, zippy, refreshing & delicious.

Kodakara Umeshu (plum sake) is a superb example of its type and unbelievably popular.

This umeshu is made by the Junmai Daiginjo masters at Tatenokawa Shuzo is made from the finest Nanko plums, harvested locally in Yamagata Prefecture, and combined with Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo sake and Shochu made from the lees (kasu) of the same sake and sugar. The result is a rich, sweet flavour perfectly balancing the tartness of the plums.

Kodakara Umeshu is best served chilled and neat, on the rocks, or with soda. Wonderfully refreshing as a spritzer. It is suitable as an aperitif, dessert wine or simply enjoyed at the end of a long day!

The addition of shochu has the bonus of elongating the life of this umeshu. Once open store refrigerated for up to three weeks

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Japanese name: Kodakara Nankouume

Ingredients: rice, water, shochu, yeast, koji, plum, sugar

Allergens: may contain gluten


Desserts, game, foie gras

  • ABV:10%
  • Polishing Rate:50%+
  • SMV:-
  • Acidity Metre:-
  • Amino Metre:-
  • Rice:miyamanishiki