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  • Yuzushu - Yuzu Shochu 720ml

Yuzushu - Yuzu Shochu 720ml

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Fresh and zesty yuzu

Kodakara Yuzu liqueur is made from the finest yuzu (a Japanese lemon/orange/grapefruit citrus) from Kochi Prefecture located on the Pacific Seaside of Shikoku Island and famous for Yuzu.

It is a fresh and zesty style making for a wonderfully refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. Especially when served ice cold, on the rocks or mixed with soda. Tatenokawa the makers of this fine liqueur, also recommend drinking it hot in the winter.

The shochu base has the bonus of making the liqueur very stable. Once open store refrigerated for up to three weeks

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Japanese name: Kodakara Yuzushu

Ingredients: Shochu, yuzu fruit juice, fructose, glucose


Desserts, enjoy by itself or mix with soda