Sesame Seeds & Oil

Sesame seeds in all three formats of roasted seeds, oils and pastes add wonderful flavour and aroma to a multitude of dishes. A simple sprinkle of seeds, a drizzle of oil or a small spoon of paste enhances dishes ranging from sushi, sashimi, rice and vegetables to desserts.  Different cultivars of sesame offer three different colours each with a unique flavour. From light, white to rich, nutty gold and aromatic, almost smoky black, all three seeds deliver wonderful flavour. 

Sesame seeds are sprinkled over rice, sashimi, sushi, salads, fish and desserts; they can also be used in salads and pasta dishes to enhance flavour and aroma.

Sesame oil is used in dressings and vinaigrette's, meat marinades, fish, tofu, sushi & sashimi. Used sparingly the best quality oils enhance flavour without overpowering.  Just a light drizzle, added after cooking and just before serving will greatly enhance freshly steamed or fried vegetables. 

Sesame pastes are best used in desserts, they combine spectacularly well with ice cream and yogurt.  They also add depth and aroma to pastries and cakes and black paste brings dramatic colour.

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