• Tender Young Kombu Seaweed 70g
Tender Young Kombu Seaweed 70g
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Young, soft kombu seaweed from Hokkaido, is harvested in spring at 1 year old while still tender. It is then washed and dried at high temperature to retain aroma and flavour.

Create a mineral rich dashi packed with umami for miso soup and anywhere else stock is required by adding the kombu to a pan of water and raising the temperature to just below boiling for 10 mins.  Kombu that has been used to be make dashi or soaked in water can be sliced and used to make tsukudani by simmering in soy sauce and mirin.  It can also be eaten as side dish with a vinegar dressing or added to salads. Pan fry and add to fish, vegetable, rice and pasta dishes to add wonderful umami flavour.

The white, powdery substance on the surface of all kombu is mannitol, this is naturally sweet and also contains glutamic acid which delivers the umami flavour, do not wash or wipe this from the surface. 

Ingredients: 100% ma-kombu (Laminaria japonica)

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture