Tokyo Stories Cook Along With Chef Tim Anderson! Make Ma Po Raman & Sunomono

Tokyo Stories Cook Along With Chef Tim Anderson

10th June at 6.30pm


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Tim is an accomplished author, broadcaster and Masterchef winner but most of all a lifelong student of Japanese gastronomy. Please join us as we follow him on a culinary journey inspired by his best selling book, Tokyo Stories.

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Our journey through Tokyo is fully interactive so you can ask Tim questions along the way or participate in a live Q&A session when the cooking is over.

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You don’t have to cook along, although it’s always more fun if you do!

On the menu:

Mapo Ramen

If you’ve always wanted to make your own ramen - this really is one not to miss.  We’ll explore the culinary relationship between Japan and China as we make his delicious Mapo Ramen. In Tim’s words, the dish is ”neither Japanese, nor Chinese, but also kind of both”. 



A delicious cucumber and seaweed combo that will delight and refresh your taste buds, providing you with a ‘go to’ simple, yet impressive side (or ‘sozai’), for all your dinner parties and ‘around the table’ get-togethers.

Tokyo Stories Cook Along With Chef Tim Anderson! Make Ma Po Raman & Sunomono

Tokyo Stories is a journey through the boulevards and backstreets of Tokyo via recipes both iconic and unexpected. Chef Tim Anderson takes inspiration from the chefs, shopkeepers, and home cooks of Tokyo to showcase both traditional and cutting-edge takes on classic dishes like sushi, ramen, yakitori, and tempura.