• Japanese Barbecue Skewer & Sauce Set

Japanese Barbecue Skewer & Sauce Set

  • £45.00

Dial up the flavours on your barbecuing with four fantastically flavourful sauces and marinades. Champonzu combines five, yes FIVE, Japanese citrus fruits with an umami rich base; that means big zesty flavour when used as a marinade or top dressing. Kensho is a classic sweet & sour barbecue sauce with bold, fruity flavours. Chuno sauce is an all-natural sauce of fermented fruit and veg with some added spice, inspired by Worcester sauce this is Japanese version of a stone cold classic. Spicy Ra-Yu pepper sauce is complex chili sauce with a blend of soy, chilli pepper, sweet pepper, garlic, white sesame, cinnamon and shikwasa citrus zest, a full bodied sauce with limitless versatility.

A box of 250 bamboo skewers completes the set so you can enjoy these sauces in countless different ways.

Kit includes: 

Champonzu, Mixed Citrus Ponzu Sauce - 300ml

Torii Foods Chuno Sauce - 200ml

Kensho Barbecue Sauce - 300ml

Spicy Ra-Yu Pepper Sauce - 200g

Teppo Gushi, Bamboo Skewers (15cm)  - 250 units 

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