• Japanese Spice Set

Japanese Spice Set

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Make some space in your spice cupboard, give your taste buds fair warning, six big flavoured spices are incoming! Every one of these products is unique, all deliver heat and big flavour.

Sansho is like nothing else, powerful citrus notes mingle with lemongrass, roses and pepper then the heat follows which is tingly, warming and slightly numbing. If you have not experienced sansho before you are in for a surprise, its versatility means you will be adding it to savoury and sweet dishes with showstopping effect,

Yuzu citrus plays a part in many of these condiments, its complex and powerful flavour balances and enhances chilli heat. No Japanese spice set would be complete without wasabi, this fiery oil means you always have some wasabi pungency to liven up a marinade, dressing, mayonnaise or dip.

Kit includes: 

Green Sansho Berries - 30g

Yuzu Sansho Condiment - 90g

Togarashi Shichimi Spice Mix - 100g

Yuzu Kararin, Yuzu Zest & Chilli Mix - 35g

Green Yuzu Kosho - 50g

Wasabi Oil - 100ml

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