• DIY Sushi Starter Kit
DIY Sushi Starter Kit
  • £36.00

If you are yet to try rolling out your own maki rolls you are missing out. Easier than you think and a whole lot of fun to try this kit provides all the essentials to get you started. Just add fish! This kit is all vegan so if vegan sushi is what you are after, slice up some avocado, spring onions and cucumber and away you go!

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Nori – 20 Half Sheets

Sushizu/Sushi Vinegar 300ml

Toyama Prefecture Koshihikari Rice 1kg

Black Sesame Seeds 50g (Gold sesame seeds are pictured but substituting with black) 

Nama Shoyu Fresh Soy Sauce 150ml

Wasabi Powder 23g

Allergens: Sesame, Soya beans, Wheat



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