• The Gourmet Yuzu Collection
The Gourmet Yuzu Collection
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So you're addicted to yuzu? Join the club! We love it so much we just keep adding more great yuzu products to our range. These magnificent seven will give you an almighty fix of this wonderful flavour. Tart as the sharpest lemon, aromatic as citrus blossom and a complex flavour like all citrus rolled into one. Fill your boots yuzu freaks!



Yuzu Jam 210g

Fresh Yuzu Juice 200ml

Candied Yuzu Peel 30g

Yuzu Mayonnaise 175g

Yuzu Mustard 175g

Namashibori Yuzu Ponzu / Fresh Yuzu Ponzu Sauce 300ml

Black Yuzu Kosho 50g

Allergens: Egg, Mustard, Soya beans, Wheat, Fish



Green Yuzu Kosho 50g

Green Yuzu Kosho 50g

Classic Japanese condiment packed with aroma and flavour of fresh yuzu with fresh chilli heat. Ko..


Yuzu Soy Sauce - 1L

Yuzu Soy Sauce - 1L

A delicious combination of freshly squeezed yuzu juice and premium quality soy sauce made from whole..


Fresh Yuzu

Fresh Yuzu

Yuzu season is now closed. 2021 season is expected to start in October.Ripe yuzu delivers the famous..