• Ultimate DIY Sushi Starter Kit
Ultimate DIY Sushi Starter Kit
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For those sushi aficionados who want the ultimate homemade sushi-making experience. Premium quality products including crisp nori, aged soy sauce, yuzu ponzu and our own fresh wasabi. This kit is discounted over £9 compared to buying the products separately so if you are looking for top quality at a great price we got you covered!

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Akitakomachi Sushi Rice 2kg (different to product in photo)

Sanpuku Nori (non roasted) – 10 sheets

Sushizu Sushi Vinegar 700ml

Togarashi Shichimi – Spice Mix 100g

Namashibori Yuzu Ponzu / Fresh Yuzu Ponzu Sauce 300ml

White Sesame Seeds 50g (Gold sesame seeds are pictured but substituting with white) 

Black Sesame Seeds 50g

2 Year Old Soy Sauce 200ml

50g Fresh Wasabi Rhizome

Wasabi Grater Medium

Wasabi Brush

Wasabi Preparation Guide

Allergens: Sesame, Soya beans, Wheat



Gold Sesame Oil 320ml

Gold Sesame Oil 320ml

A rich, bold nutty flavour with a supremely delicate texture this is strong flavoured sesa..


Black Yuzu Kosho 50g

Black Yuzu Kosho 50g

Fresh yuzu peel blended with fresh chilles and bamboo charcoal. A black paste pungent with a..


Hon Mirin

Hon Mirin

A premium quality mirin derived from the patient combination of rigorously selected sticky natu..