• The Ultimate Vegan Japanese Cooking Kit

The Ultimate Vegan Japanese Cooking Kit

  • £45.00

Vegans do NOT need to miss out when it comes to experiencing the wonders of Japanese cuisine. In fact, Japanese monks have been creating all vegan dishes for centuries. Our vegan ponzu is packed with citrus and umami and with 3 Gold Stars (a coveted prize from the Guild of Fine Food) you know the quality is going to be sublime. White soy sauce enhances soups, sauces, marinades and countless other dishes by adding depth of flavour and white miso is famously flavourful and versatile. Add the finest Black Sesame oil, Furikake seasoning and the sensational richness of Okinawa sugar and this kit is going to be a huge hit in any household, vegan or not!



Sudachi Kombu Ponzu/Ponzu Sauce with Sudachi and Kombu Seaweed 300ml

White Soy Sauce 360ml

Black Sesame Oil 90g

White Miso 500g

Furikake with Sesame, Soy & Shiso 50g (substituting with Candied yuzu peel & Roasted white seeds) 

Okinawa Black Sugar 300g

Allergens: Soya beans, Wheat, Sesame



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