• Wasabi Vodka Vegan Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit
Wasabi Vodka Vegan Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit
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The wonderful thing about Japanese cuisine is that so many of the classic ingredients and flavours are vegan. Fresh Wasabi Vodka, Fresh Yuzu juice, Smoked soy sauce and Togarashi Shichimi spice are all big players in Japan and they combine in this Vegan Bloody Mary with spectacular effect! Bold and punchy wasabi vodka; tart, aromatic yuzu with its big citrus flavours; rich and smoky soy sauce with great character and depth; pure tomato juice made from vine ripened tomatoes hand harvested on the Isle Of Wight; all finished off with a pinch of Togarashi Shichimi for a delicious and comforting cocktail that will spread warmth from top to toes. Boxing day Bloody Marys here we come!



Wasabi Vodka 50cl

Tomato juice 2 x 250ml

Fresh Yuzu juice 200ml

Smoked soy sauce 210ml

Togarashi Shichimi 100g



50ml Wasabi Vodka

250ml Tomato juice

30ml Fresh Yuzu juice

10ml Smoked Soy sauce 

Large pinch, or dusting to the rim of the glass, of Togarashi Shichimi



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